Translation offers!

Ambidexter's quality Translation Services allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with your clients and partners. We help you to get a wide range of people that in turn makes your brand more popular. We are unique in our services in the way that, our customers accept our work in the first time of delivery and come back to us for more business. Have a look below at how we work and the service types that you might be wanting for.

Each of our translators possess exceptional skills in multiple languages or atleast excel in the source and target languages. We are also well versed in native culture which helps us for effective translation. We provide support for more than 100 languages with 1500 language pairs.

Domain knowledge is obviously needed for translators since we get translations from various areas like commercial, educational, medical, legal, science and technical domains. We allocate the work to translators according to their specialization.

As mentioned earlier, all our work gets successfully delivered only in the first time. Our customers rarely or never come up with a comment on work delivered. Such is our quality of work and reviews.

Our translators stick to the content of translation and never divert or include contents that are irrelevant to the topic. We keep emphasising to not change the substance in translation.

We face great challenge in very short deadlines that we get from few of our clients. But the outcome has always been positive and timely delivered that makes us stand ahead from competitors.

Ambidexter has a great management team that keeps track of every task assignment. Task is split to translators keeping in mind the skills possessed by each of them. We dont encourage splitting one translation task however large it is, to many translators since each person's creativity differs.