Communicating to the world in the way you understand!

Language Translation is the medium through which communication can exist in a global world. Working with our professional translators will offer you some of the accurate as well as quality online translation services that will send the perfect message to its audience. We move with an aim of breaking all the barriers related to language and create a world where people from one country can make some of the easy communications to the other language speaking land.

Our speciality is the possession of right blend of language and technical expertise

Our large in-house team of translators and proofreaders is one of the finest in the industry. Combining professional language skills and technical knowledge in specific business areas is the hallmark at Ambidexter Translation Services. Our translators work in company networks on specific projects for specific clients. This results in a high common level of knowledge and skills shared by all involved in an individual project. The result is that if required, Ambidexter Translation Services is in a position to establish special translator teams for individual clients or specialist areas to produce high-quality work on the basis of experience and expertise.

Our team of Multilingual Experts

Ambidexter possesses a team of professional and highly experienced translators with multilingual skills that work on various translation services. These skills along with the knowledge shared by Translators and Proof-readers alike are backed by excellent Project Managers who are experts when it comes to combining suitable teams for individual projects. Finance, Engineering, Advertising, Law, Technical & Scientific, Oil / Gas, Automotive, Construction, Pharmaceutical and I.T. are some of our expertise sectors.

Service types

Ambidexter technologies are providing BPO and Translation services for the past 4 years. We specialize in Translation, Website translation, Localization, Interpretation, Proof reading, Transcription, Content writing, Article composing, Subtitling, Data entry, Voice over etc. Knowledge of the demographics of the output are needed to give good results. We deal with all Indian languages as well as foreign languages with overall language count of 100+.