Ambidexter takes pride in development of several mobile applications for android and iOS platforms. We build apps that are visually appealing and attracts the users for download. Our client's business has significantly improved with the apps that we developed for their business. Our success in mobile apps is because of exceeding the customers needs and simplifying their business.

Our core team of developers possess skills in Advanced Java and .Net technologies. We are capable of building any application that runs local to your system for any OS like Windows, Linux etc. Client/Server architecture is also one area where we excel in. We have experience building applications used by multiple users and successfully running live.

Today web apps have become popular due to the fact that internet is acceessible from anywhere and anytime. So managing a business is possible even from remote areas. Ambidexter uses advanced technologies to build online applications with single/multi user capabilities. We build apps/sites that are completely responsive i.e able to work from any machine be it desktop/smartphone/tablet etc. We also manage web hosting, email, sms solutions for all business.

We build E-Commerce websites using hosted as well as open source platforms. Based on customer's requirements we decide on how to build a e-commerce website. All our E-Commerce sites that we developed are user friendy, appealing and robust. Due to our vast experience we deliver in minimum turn around time and with high quality. Our E-Commerce sites have benefited small, medium and large scale businessmen.

Enterprise Resource Planning integrates several business modules like Production, sales, HR, Management, Purchase etc. We have extended our ERP expertise into Mobile ERP, Cloud ERP and Social ERP. These latest trends help business to get dashboard data, reporting from each business unit and analyse data to improve the business needs.

Our Digital Marketing experts are well versed in techniques like SEO, PPC, Social media marketing etc. We have managed to help business to get better reach and high visibility among the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., using our strategies in SEO. We have better understanding on the working mechanism of search engines which helps us to easily avail ranking to websites of our partners.