Testing Artifacts

Test Plan

Ambidexer takes a major portion of time frame in detailing the requirements and preparing a detailed test plan. We believe that a well prepared test plan will reduce the time taken for writing and executing test cases. Our test plan comprises of the objectives, target market, internal beta team, processes for a specific beta test for a software or hardware product with detailed understanding of the eventual workflow.

Test Scenario

For huge projects or projects with complex requirements, our domain experts take charge in creating the scenarios for the application. A scenario is a story that describes a hypothetical situation. The ideal scenario test is credible, motivating, easy to evaluate, and complex. Scenarios are usually different from test cases in that test cases are single steps and scenarios cover a number of steps. Test suites and scenarios can be used in concert for complete system tests.

Test Cases

Test cases are of tremendous importance for every QA project. Ambidexter Technologies Test Lab is proud to offer you all the necessary services related to test cases. With our Lab you will always be certain that the testing process is going on tremendously well and as smooth as it can. In the current tech-oriented world there is no need to persuade people in the importance of creating and maintaining proper test cases. Proper test case execution is the key to successful testing and in turn developing successful software products. But why risk and put all that difficult, when it can be done by the team of high-class specialists from the Ambidexter Technologies Lab.

Traceability Matrix

Our test team members break down the large requirements into smaller pieces. Each of these pieces will be covered in the test cases and scenarios. This is how we make sure no requirement or functionallity is dropped from our testing.

Test Results

All our testing execution is captured as test results. We make sure there are no show-stopper/critical/major defects before providing an approval for Go-Live!. Our management does a final review before any delivery of product to finalise the production move.